About Me

In Texas, I sold textbooks.  I traveled across the state and spent more than a few lonely nights in hotel rooms (I have more Holiday Inn Express reward points than I know what to do with…).  It wasn’t an easy first job, but I set company records as a salesman.

In New York, I’m a marketing manager.  I’m still HI Express’s best customer, but have grown weary of their free breakfast buffet (it’s the same every single day…).  I help our sales people in the field and develop the brochures, email copy, and qualifying questions our reps use strategically with customers.

I love learning.  How to get customers to click on my links.  How to be a better presenter.  How to cartwheel (a move I finally mastered at twenty-five).

I want to share a little bit of what I’ve learned.  Share with me by leaving a comment on my blog, following me at @nortoneconomics, or emailing me at Kresse.john@gmail.com


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